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Takeover Schedule

July 12

Larry Maccherone
Senior Director, Comcast

Join Larry in the #security channel

July 25

Paul Grizzaffi
Principal Automation Architect

Join Paul in the #testing channel

August 5

Jeff Langr
President and Owner, Langr Software Solutions, Inc.

Join Jeff in the #development channel


August 21

Lisa Crispin
Testing Advocate at mabl

Join Lisa in the #DevOps channel


Sept. 5

Steve (ardalis) Smith
Founder, Ardalis Services and Tech Hub Hudson

Join Steve in the #development channel

Held January 18

Griffin Jones
Sr. Manager: Agile Consultant/Coach
Accenture Solutions IQ

View the conversation with Griffin in the #agile channel and read the highlights here.

Held February 6

Johanna Rothman
Management Consultant
Rothman Consultant Group Inc.

View the conversations with Johanna in the #agile channel and read the highlights here.

Held February 21

Janna Loeffler
Sr. Manager Experience Quality Standards
Carnival Corp

View the conversations with Janna in the #testing channel and read the highlights here.

Held February 28

Michael Bolton
Consultant, Teacher, and Co-Author

View the conversations with Michael in the #testing channel and read the highlights here.

Held March 15

Melissa Benua
Senior Technical Lead at mParticle

View the conversations with Melissa in the #DevOps channel and read the highlights here.

Held April 4

Jeffery Payne
CEO and founder of Coveros, Inc

View the conversations with Jeffery in the #Test_Leadership channel and read the highlights here.

Held April 16

Nathen Harvey
Developer Advocate at Google

View the conversations with Nathen in the #DevOps channel, highlights here.

Held May 1-2

Mini Takeovers
Mini Takeovers occured May 1-2 as speakers from the STAREAST conference joined for questions. View the conversations in the #stareast_chat channel

Held May 16

Andrea Goulet
Founder and CEO of Corgibytes, 

View the conversations with Andrea in the #agile and #agile_leadership channel, highlights here.

Held June 5-6

Mini Takeovers
Sneha Viswalingam, Alan Crouch, and Laura Janusek from the Agile + DevOps conference join the community for conversations June 5-6.

View the conversations in the #testing, #security, and #agile channels.

Held June 11

Raj Subramanian
Developer Evangelist at

View the conversations with Raj in the #testing channel, highlights TBD.